Brindley Construction is a multi-disciplinary contractor, providing a wide range of construction services within the UK. We provide an alternative Construction Partner to the existing large multi-nationals and Regional Contractors for construction projects between £1-5M.

We aim to fill a very real gap in the market for Client’s who are looking to procure contracts with a professional Contractor but who are faced with a choice between the small Midland Builders and the Major National Contractors, neither of whom are geared to deliver projects of this size and complexity.

With over 25 years of experience delivering multi-million pound schemes within the Midlands, our team provide a professional single source solution for Client’s who are looking for a Contractor to ensure a professional “no hassle” construction solution via traditional Management, Construction Management and Design & Build routes.

Brindley Construction Ltd was created to bring together our extensive knowledge of two disciplines, Civil Engineering and Building. With our extensive knowledge of Civils and sub-structure this allow’s us to deliver the Clients requirements with full control, delivering multiple industrial and office schemes


2510, 2016

Brindley win new Contract in Jewellery Quarter

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1905, 2015

Zip Textile Services Ltd Tyseley

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Zip Textile Services Ltd Tyseley
Following the successful handover of Tyseley-based Zip Textile Services new 18,500 sq ft extension which is part of an expansion programme […]




The challenge was the universal one of meeting the Client’s aspirations and requirements to a limited budget. This was further complicated by the need to deliver the project by a set date as sophisticated pre-ordered new laundry equipment was to be installed on given dates which were not flexible. All this was required to meet the ever expanding demand for the services provided by Zip Textile to the hotel industry. Their success had resulted in several new hotels being added onto the daily cycle of clean linen having to be consistently provided to ensure availability rooms, by given dates, that had pre-empted the need for the expansion.
The project consisted of delivering the planned Phase II extension to the original laundry to provide a more efficient operational need and accommodate new laundry equipment from Germany. The extension would add 1,550 sq.m (16,600sq.ft) of valuable space to the original building as well as provide a substantial new dispatch yard and extended car park.
Planning consent had been obtained a year prior to commencement on site. The design was dictated by the new equipment and the practical way the internal flow of linen progressed through the laundry as it was washed, dried, ironed, wrapped and dispatched.
Brindley Construction were selected after an extensive tendering process. It was recognised that, not only did they offer the best value for money, but they had the skill sets to best guarantee the programme was to be met. It was their demonstration of their ability to identify key elements of the project that had to be well coordinated, with long lead in times, that gave the Client the confidence to appoint them. In addition, it was recognised that Brindley’s supply chain and partners consisted of companies that had worked together well in the past and were happy to fully contribute their specialist knowledge and experience to the project. All this had to be coordinated and conducted with precision. This management was consistently provided by Brindley’s key personnel and site managers throughout the contract period.
Furthermore, the good relationship and trust built up during the contract period between the Client’s professional team and Brindley played an important part in the successful outcome. This factor should not be underestimated as being one that has a significant bearing on the procurement and everyday running of a project. All requests, demands and stipulations from the design team and Client were accommodated by Brindley without ever compromising on H&S or becoming penal on costs. This was most helpful and appreciated throughout the contract.
The Final Account was fairly and swiftly agreed, partly due to the weekly exchange of information and updates provided by Brindley during the contract, but also by both parties taking a fair and pragmatic approach to agreeing final costs.
Suffice to say, the key target dates for delivery were met, the quality of the workmanship was excellent and the final cost did not render any surprises. Simply put, a very successful project which was fundamentally as a result of Brindley’s professional and well managed contribution. There would be no hesitation in seeking to use their services again.
Marc Worrall
Marc Worrall Associates
Architectural & Contract Administration Services provided to Zip Textile (Services) Limited.
May ‘15
Marc Worrall, Marc Worrall Associates